10 Skincare Mistakes You Should Avoid it

I will talk about top 10 skincare mistakes that you should need to avoid it.

Mistake 1: Blindly following any and every skincare DIY you see on social media

Well, I do agree that there are some natural ingredients that have been time-tested in skincare regimens. However this doesn’t apply to all of them so, applying garlic paste to get of warts or application of toothpaste on pimples can actually cause damage to your skin. Rather than be of any use, it can cause serious infections inflammations, and even lead to permanent depigmentation.

 Mistake 2:  Not Using Their Sunscreen Just Because It’s Cloudy Outside

Let it be a hail storm let it be snowfall, or let it be sunny or even cloudy you need to wear your sunscreen every single day. Because no matter what the weather is outside.

The harmful UV rays of the sun are still reaching the earth’s surface, aren’t they? Another mistake in terms of sunscreen is not reapplying it early or at least every three hours. Because the effects of the sunscreen last only for a few hours and to get the maximum effects you need to apply it at least three hourly while the sun is at its height.

 Mistake 3:  Waiting Until You Get Wrinkles To Start Using An Anti-aging Treatment

Well, the process of aging starts the moment we are born but the earliest signs of aging start appearing on our skin in our late 20s with very fine lines. But I believe anti-aging treatment needs to be started way before that happens. So by the time you’re 25 to 30 you need to start thinking of it seriously using the sunscreen daily for daycare is the easiest way to do that and as for your night care regimen, you need to add something like retinol, retinoids, vitamin c, vitamin e, alpha or beta hydroxy acids in your skincare regimen. But with the consultation of a dermatologist.

Mistake 4: Using Over-The-Counter Fairness Creams To Change their Skin Tone

I do get it that there is a hype surrounding getting fairer skin especially, in brown people.

But trust me that is so overrated. Because having healthier skin is always the most important part that being said over-the-counter fairness creams contain a lot of topical steroids which in the long term when used indiscriminately can cause a lot of damage to your skin.

Like thinning it out, redness, irritation, you can’t even end up with outbursts of acne and even overgrowth of facial hair.

Mistake 5: Using Your Skincare Products In The Wrong Order

Are you applying your skin serums and your expensive eye creams after your moisturizer?

Well, that’s the same as pouring them down the drain because products like serums and eye creams have certain active ingredients which need to be in contact with the bare skin as much as possible to be effective. And when you apply a moisturizer it forms a protective film on top of your skin to prevent the escape of any amount of moisture. So well applying the serum is basically of no use after that. When in doubt always remember to use the thinner products first so you would go like toner followed by serum followed by moisturizer and then come to the facial oils

Mistake 6: Not Double Cleansing Skincare Mistakes

Some of you probably just wash your face once before going to bed some of you use face wipes to remove your makeup and then go to bed. And the lazy bums always forget to remove their makeup and just leave it on and they go to sleep. Well to make it clear never go to bed with any amount of makeup.

But that being said it’s always best to double cleanse so, you will be using the first round of cleanser that is either a makeup-removing cleanser or micellar water to remove the makeup from the surface of your skin, and that should be followed by the second round of cleansing which should be a mild face wash so as to completely clean out your pores.

Mistake 7: Over-exfoliation

 Well to be frank our skin naturally renews itself every few weeks so, even if you do not exfoliate. It doesn’t cause any harm at least not that much but over-exfoliation, on the other hand, can actually cause serious harm to your skin. Because it can lead to certain microscopic injuries that actually act as a portal for infections and inflammation so avoid that.

Mistake 8: Skipping The Moisturizer

It may be summer or you might be sweaty or even might have an oily skin. But never ever skip your moisturizer that’s because the moisturizer actually forms a film on top of your skin and locks in its moisture and keeps it soft and supple. A lot of people also start putting on their makeup without moisturizers which obviously is something that you need to avoid.

So the key is actually to search for the right formulation based on your skin type. So if you have dry skin go for a cream-based moisturizer which will keep it from further drying out. And if you have oily skin go for something which is more like gel-based and which might have something like linoleic acids which could avoid a breakout of acne

Mistake 9: Mistaking Cosmetic Treatments As Skincare

 A very common mistake that people tend to make is mistaking cosmetic treatments as skincare. Well I do agree that different types of lasers, macro needling,. Chemical peels and prp and so on can obviously help you achieve glorious skin but to achieve their maximum effects you need to have skin that is healthy from the inside. So to attain that type of skin you should have a daily skin care regimen which you follow at home and it should be feasible enough that you can afford it on the long run.

Mistake 10: Choosing The Wrong Kinds Of Products

I do understand that with the innumerable products which are flooding the online markets and the influencer reviews which clarify each and every one of them. It gets really confusing for anyone and everyone about which product to actually go for. And it also might get a little tempting to try out all of them in the hopes of getting more glowing skin.

But you need to always keep in mind your skin type before you go for any product if you have dry skin always go for a cream-based product and if you have oily skin go for something with salicylic acid in them or which would be gel-based so that it doesn’t cause any more oiliness. Always always keep your skin tight in mind.

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