4 Applicable Best steps for Morning Skincare routine

Morning skincare routine which is very simple it has only 4 steps which you will see. So you have this is something that I’ve been following for months. Now I am not a perfectionist or a dermatologist so this is just something that works for me. All the products are something that I totally trust and I use only the ones which I trust on my skin. Because every skin is different but these are just the ones that work for me.

So without any further delay let’s just get right into the article.

1st Step: Morning Skincare Routine

So the first and the most basic step in any skincare routine is cleansing so I’m going to be starting off the cleansing every morning. I used two products to wash my face the first one is Loreal Paris white perfect milky foam face wash. Now, this gently cleanses my skin and leaves it quickly clean. Now I am somebody who loves my skin to be clean. After I wash my face and this totally does the job.

Loreal Paris white perfect milky foam face wash

Loreal Paris white perfect milky foam face wash
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The second product that I use along with this is mine for your Luna mini 2. Now, this is the face tool that I have been totally loving this is for normal skin. So they have different types like they have one for dry skin, they have another one for oily skin. But I got the normal skin one. So yeah this works for me. So, what I do is I just take a few drops of my face wash onto the luna mini too and then in circular motions cleanse my skin.

Luna mini 2

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Now this one has really soft bristles here so this helps me deep cleanse my skin. If I have any dirt or grim as any grease and all that it comes out just like that. Because I have combination skin this works wonders for me. So, it helps me take out the excess oil and other stuff on my t-zone. Which is mostly oily and this safe wash is something that. I’ve been using it for over 10 years now, I really love this and I totally recommend it to people with oily to combination skin. Because it does not dry out your skin at all is really hydrating and uses super smooth after a wash.

2nd step: Morning Skincare Routine

The 2nd step in my morning skincare routine is toning. Now, these are the two toners that I’ve been absolute, loving the first one is from Biotique and it is called the Bio Honey Water and this is a pore tightening toner. I love this because it’s very gentle on my skin and it gives me a great texture

1st Toner: Bio Honey Water

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And the second one that I’ve been using is Forest essentials pure rosewater. So this is like a spree, I’ve talked about using this recently. You don’t have to essentially get rosewater from the same brand you can use anything like Gulabari is also good. But rosewater is a great toner so, I just got this for that purpose and also because of its size, I thought it’s travel friendly so that’s one of the reasons I bought this. You may as well try rosewater from other brands. Because that is like the most basic toner of all times.

2nd Toner: Forest Essentials Pure Rose Water

Forest Essentials Pure Rose Water
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The main purpose of a toner is it helps you remove the excess dirt which does not go away by cleansing your face so this helps you do that. Also, a toner helps you manage the ph level of your skin and prepares your skin for the next step. So when I’m using the boutique I just take a few drops of this on a cotton pad and gently dab it on my skin and, when I’m using this I just spray a few pumps on my face. And I’m good to go.

Oh!! Really brighten sunny excuse me because I am filming a natural light today and the sun is just acting crazy can you see it’s just right across my face. But anyhow I’m not gonna stop filming.

3rd step: Morning Skincare Routine

So the next product that I’m going to be using that is the third step in my skincare routine is TruSkin vitamin C Serum. Now I have realized the importance of the Serum lately and I’ll use the vitamin C serum for my morning skincare routine. This is some good vibes and it has 20% vitamin C. Now vitamin C is great for every skin type because it is rich in antioxidants and it helps you lighten all the acne marks for other marks that you have when you’re safe. Also, this is great for anti-aging purposes and also it helps you build collagen.

TruSkin Vitamin C Serum

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So vitamin c is something that I totally am into these days. Especially for my day’s skincare routine. Now what I usually do is I take a few pumps at 2 to 3 drops of vitamin c serum into my palms I just warm it a little and pat it on my face I like to patent it into my face because that’s the way you apply a serum. That helps the serum penetrate better into your skin and give you the bill results really quickly. I make sure I give more importance to the area below my eyes and my cheekbones.

4th step: Morning Skincare Routine

The next step in my morning skincare routine is moisturization and SPF. Now both of these are provided by a single cream that I use for myself. I used the Loreal Paris white perfect day cream. Again I’ve been using this for over 10 years now and this works perfectly fine for me. So I am really hesitant to move on to another day cream. Maybe I will try something really soon but for now, I’ve been using this. Now, this is something that really moisturizes and hydrates my skin it does not leave it dry at all and also I don’t see any white cast on my skin after I use this.

Loreal Paris white perfect day cream

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That is one of the reasons I love this plus this has SPF 17 which works just fine for me. So for Indian skin, anything about SPF 15 works great so there’s not much of a difference between SPF 15 and SPF 50. Of course, SPF 50 gives you more protection from UVB rays but none of this provides you 100% protection. You can also choose to apply an extra layer of sunscreen after your day cream so what I usually do is I take a little bit of the day cream dotted all over my face and gently massage it into my skin.

I really love this day cream because I feel that it does not leave my skin oily or greasy. It just makes me look fresh most of the time for at least five to six hours after application. Also talking about the long-term benefits I feel that gives me an even skin tone which is one of my expectations from a day cream.

We have reached the end of my simple four-step morning skincare routine I know mornings are the time where all apples are rushing. So this is a very simple routine the first step as I spoke about is cleansing the second one is toning the third one is a serum that changes your skincare game and the fourth step is moisturization plus SPF. You don’t necessarily have to use the same product that I’ve been using but these are the ones that work for me with that we have reached.


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