How to Lose Belly Fat without workout No strict diet just in 5 Days

How to Lose Belly Fat, Side Fat, and Arm Fat without No strict diet, no workout. A magic drink to get rid of the rumen in 5 days. Today I prepared for you a wonderful drink to get rid of belly fat quickly.

1st step

We will need celery. Celery is one of the most effective vegetables in the process of burning belly fat. Celery is a natural diuretic and thus speeds up the elimination of toxins and excess water in the body. Celery is rich in millennials and high rates of minerals that positively affect the elimination of fats. Facilitate the digestive process – lowers cholesterol level is beneficial for patients with blood pressure and diabetes 3 sticks of celery.

How to Lose Belly Fat

2nd step

We need a cucumber, we put the ingredients in the blender. We need one lemon. We add the juice of the lemon adds 1/2 of the water. Grind the ingredients well. Drink this drink without filtering the amount prepared with these ingredients
Divided into three times and drink in one day a cup half an hour before each main meal to get a good result.

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