How to make Anti-Aging & Skin Whitening Cream At Home 2021

How you can make your own anti-aging cream and skin whitening cream at home. This fairness and anti-aging cream are made up of rice and some natural ingredients which you can easily find in your kitchen or in the market. This cream has so many benefits as it helps in whitening your skin.

It removes your fine lines wrinkles and all aging signs. It will also help in removing your dark spots, pigmentation and will give you soft supple, and beautiful skin.

 Make Anti-Aging cream & Skin Whitening Cream

The main and magical ingredient of this skin whitening and anti-aging cream is rice, and to prepare this remedy you firstly have to take 2 tbsp white rice in a clean bowl and then you have to add some water and wash it properly. Now after washing the rice you have to take a pan or a big and adds 2 to 3 cups of water and wash the rice in it. Now you have to cook it until it becomes thick and meshy. And now you have to strain this mixture with the help of a strainer to take out all the rice.

Water from this cooked rice, and after straining you will get a very creamy and a little thick paste and after getting this creamy rice paste you have to squeeze half lemon in it. Then mix it thoroughly so that the lemon juice nicely combines with this rice paste. Now after the lemon, you have to add half a teaspoon of cornflour in it, and then again mix everything really really really well so that there are no lumps in the space and it becomes more creamy and thicker.

And if you don’t have cornflour then you can even use maida or licorice powder which is also known as a multi powder instead of cornflour. This mixing process will take some time.

Now it’s time to add the last ingredient which is the vitamin e oil, and you just have to add half a teaspoon of vitamin e oil in it. And then you have to mix everything really well to combine all the ingredients together. Please don’t add all the ingredients at one time and then start mixing, because if you will do that way then there will be lumps in your paste and you don’t want that. So please add the ingredients one by one and mix them nicely, and after mixing everything really well your homemade skin whitening and anti-aging rice cream are ready.

Vitamin E oil

How To Apply On Your Face

Now you have to store this cream in a native container in the refrigerator for up to seven to ten days. So now the procedure to use this cream is very simple you just have to apply a sufficient quantity of this cream on your face and neck, and start massaging in a circular motion for few seconds. And you can use this cream as a day cream night cream or even under your makeup for that flawless skin.

But if you want the best results out of this cream then you have to use it twice a day once in the morning and the other in the night. After massaging for few minutes it will completely absorb into your skin and you will not feel anything on your skin.


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