How to Use Castor Oil on Face

How to use castor oil on your face? First of all, you need to get a pure, organic, cold-pressed castor oil. Then you need to wash your face with warm water, to open up your facial pores. Also, you may want to mix it with a suitable carrier oil (almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, etc).

Castor oil on the face almost 90% of care oils’ fatty acid content is a rare, dense, and concentrated compound called ricinoleic acid. This ricinoleic acid has the following benefits: it hydrates the skin and prevents wrinkles; prevents the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeast molds; Reduces skin inflammation, healed acne, reduces eviction and swelling, treats skin allergies and rashes relieves sunburns and pain.

1.Facial skin cleansing

Gently massage your face with the oil mix of your choice (castor oil + carrier oil), and put to slightly warm damp cotton cloth on your face for about a minute. Then remove the excess oil with a cotton pad. Your skin will be soft, nourished, and hydrated- you’ll love it

2.Castor oil for the skin around eyes

The main active part of castor oil reduces swelling, which is beneficial for reducing under-eye puffiness. Gently rub two drops of castor oil, with a few more drops of coconut oil under your eyes, every night before you go to sleep.

3.Castor oil for acne

Castor oil can prevent the presence of acne-causing bacteria in the long-term. Daily application of castor oil is an excilent addition to natural acne treatment. To treat existing blemishes dab castor oil onto the affected area with a clean cotton swab. You can try adding a few drops of organic apple cider vinegar and 2 drops of frankincense oil to the mix. Leave on until absorbed.

To prevent future breakout: Wash your face with warm water to open your pores, and rub a small amount of castor oil on your entire face. Leave on for the night.

4. Castor oil for sunburns

Apply castor oil, mixed with coconut oil one to one to the affected area -at least three times a day. Even better- leave it on all night, and wash it off in the morning.

5. Castor oil for longer eyelashes and thicker eyebrows

Castor oil may help re-grow the eyelashes to the normal length in less than 10 days. Apply two drops of castor oil on your lashes every night. Since some of it may get into your eyes (which is harmless), make sure to always use a dropper bottle to keep the oil uncontaminated.

The same goes with your eyebrows: Apply two drops of castor oil on each eyebrow every night to fill them up and make them thicker. If you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows, this is a great remedy.

6. Castor oil for scars

Castor oil is filled with fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids. These components pierce the scar tissue and pump it out. Next, they hydrate the skin and promote the growth of healthy tissue. The oil also draws out the dirt, bacteria, excess oil, and dead cells from the skin stimulate the lymph system and boosts blood circulation.

Here are two methods to apply castor oil for scars:

  • Clean the affected area, steam your face for a few minutes to open up skin pores, apply a few drops of castor oil, and massage for a minute or two. Repeat twice a day.
  • Apply castor oil on the scars, and rat with a small cloth. Then place the hot water boil on for about 20 minutes. Repeat every day until the sky is gone.

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